4 Tips for Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer for You

Being an immigrant in the United States can sometimes feel like a daunting experience. Making sure you have the right immigration documents can be even more so. You may feel like you can’t afford the process or don’t want to get in trouble by just doing the right thing.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The help of the right immigration lawyer can be invaluable in helping you or your family resolve immigration matters. Use these four tips for finding the right immigration lawyer for you.

Check Immigration Lawyer Referrals With the State Bar

When looking for an immigration lawyer, it’s never a bad idea to ask friends, family, or co-workers for a name or two. However, ensure that any recommended attorneys have extensive experience with immigration law. You don’t want a divorce attorney trying to handle your green card application.

It is also wise to check with the California State Bar to see if you can find any problems with an attorney’s record. The State Bar can help you look up the status of a lawyer’s license. They can also help you identify whether or not an immigration attorney has had any complaints against them. You want an immigration attorney with a good and reliable record.

Choose an Immigration Lawyer With Experience

Immigration law in the United States gets more complicated every day. You want an immigration attorney with experience handling common immigration cases in light of current situations in the nation.

Find an attorney that has had specific experience with specific situations like yours. Taking the time to make calls and attend consultations comes in handy here, as you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the type of cases they usually handle.

Find an Immigration Attorney With Exceptional Communication Skills

You want to be able to understand what your attorney needs from you, and you want your immigration attorney to know what you need from them. Good communication is a must. It is helpful if they offer services in multiple languages, and many do today.

Before you attend your first consultation, write down a list of questions. Don’t leave the meeting until they are all answered. If the immigration attorney seems reluctant to answer, you may need to keep looking. When you find someone with the right answers to your questions, you will begin to feel right at home.

Choose an Accessible Immigration Attorney

Immigration situations occur at all hours of the day or night. You want an immigration attorney that is accessible to you 24/7, as you need to be able to reach them if a critical question or situation arises. They may not be able to call you back right away, but they should be able to offer a service that can help you when they are not able to.

You also never want to feel like you are a nuisance to your attorney, as you should feel comfortable asking questions and raising concerns throughout the process. Being honest and open with your immigration lawyer is essential, so you want help from someone who makes you feel secure enough to do so. 

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