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What Classifies as Abandonment in a Marriage?

By pcdev / June 7, 2022

A divorce can be an overwhelming life event. You may be particularly focused on making the right moves for yourself and, if you have children, for them. It seems like each step that you take must be calculated and just right – or everything could end tragically. But what should you do if you just…

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Adopting a stepchild

By pcdev / May 13, 2022

Many people adopt children to complete their families, and the law sets out a rigorous process to complete a legal adoption from outside your family. However, the rules change slightly if you want to adopt your stepchild. If this is something you’re considering, you should consult with a Maryland adoption lawyer as soon as possible…

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Maryland Immigration Lawyer Tina Sharma to Present at the AILA Annual Conference

By pcdev / April 28, 2022

On Friday, June 17, 2022, Maryland immigration attorney Tina Sharma will present a panel, “Using PERMs to Transition from Lesser Skilled NIV or Humanitarian Status to Permanent Residence,” at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) annual conference. The panel will discuss various issues related to permanent labor certification (PERM), which is the first step toward…

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What is the Difference Between Legal Custody and Permanent Custody?

By pcdev / April 15, 2022

Maryland law considers that both biological or legally adoptive parents are the custodians of their children. The law doesn’t favor mothers over fathers or vice versa, as some have been led to believe. When parents are separating, either one can ask a Maryland circuit court for custody. Suppose the parents can reach an agreement regarding…

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Can you adopt if you are single?

By pcdev / March 13, 2022

Not all adoptive parents are married couples. Some single individuals want to adopt on their own, while other couples who wish to adopt might not be married. Maryland law allows for unmarried people to adopt as long as they meet other requirements. You also do not need to have foster children or prove you have…

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Custody Agreements and Covid-19 Vaccinations

By pcdev / February 9, 2022

All parents want nothing but the best for their kids. But, some parents, particularly those who are trying to co-parent after a divorce or separation, find it challenging to agree on what’s best for their kids. They can sometimes agree to disagree and leave it at that because the issue may not be as important…

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Covid-19 Vaccines for Children – Tips and Options Co-parents Need to Consider

By pcdev / January 12, 2022

For some parents in Maryland, getting their children vaccinated against Covid-19 is a no-brainer, and they celebrated when their child’s age group was eligible for a vaccine. On the other hand, there are parents who are wary of the vaccine due to its use for such a short time and concerns about potential future effects.…

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Co-parents Who Disagree over COVID Vaccines for Their Children

By pcdev / December 13, 2021

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that continues to rage throughout the country and in the State of Maryland, many parents are getting their children vaccinated as soon as possible. However, complications arise when divorced parents disagree about whether a child should get the vaccine. In some shared custody arrangements, parents are given joint…

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What Happens When Parents Can’t Agree on Custody?

By pcdev / November 18, 2021

When two parents divorce or decide not to live together, there is the need to determine how they will share custody. There are two main aspects to custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody sets out which parent gets to make important decisions for the child and when. Physical custody sets out the…

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Is it Hard to Get Sole Custody?

By pcdev / October 11, 2021

Custody is often the most difficult aspect of divorce for Maryland parents. These decisions aren’t as simple as splitting time between both parents. In some custody cases, sole custody might be warranted. However, even if it is in the child’s best interest or your family’s situation, it may not come without a legal battle. If…

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