Four Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Under Maryland family laws, there is more than one way to get divorced. One of the ways is through divorce mediation. Divorce mediation allows couples to work out their differences collaboratively and make decisions about their lives moving forward. Although no divorce is easy, a mediated divorce can be beneficial for many reasons.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process. In a divorce situation, it is one alternative to litigation and going through a lengthy and expensive court process for divorce. During mediation, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse or co-partner meet with a trained, neutral mediator. They will listen to you both and work with you to reach mutually agreeable solutions for the terms of your divorce.

Your mediation sessions will cover the following:

  • parental responsibility arrangements and time-sharing plans for the children you share
  • financial support that each of you will provide for your children
  • division of your marital assets and debts
  • if one of you will pay alimony and how much will those payments be

Divorce Mediation Can Help Avoid Future Legal Problems

When a judge or attorney makes all the crucial decisions in your divorce, conflicts are more likely to happen later. For example, you may end up back in court with your ex-spouse or co-parent to modify the terms of your divorce decree or to resolve a problem if one of you breaches your agreement.

Through divorce mediation, you and your ex-spouse or co-parent are accountable for making decisions that are in your best interests. However, since you determine the terms of your divorce agreement, you are more likely to be happy with its outcome and less likely to need to pursue future legal battles.

Divorce Mediation Provides More Satisfying Solutions

The cooperative in-person problem-solving involved with divorce mediation often paves the way for more detailed planning and creative outcomes with which each party can be happy. In the collaborative process of family mediation, it’s easier to discuss your separate visions of your life and needs post-divorce and then draft agreements to attain significant benefits for both parties. In fact, this type of cooperative planning may save you enough money to pay for the entire costs of your mediated divorce.

Divorce Mediation Is Better for Children

Divorce is often a substantial and stressful process. If children are involved, the psychological and emotional impacts can be compounded. Far too often, intense, lengthy divorces have a destructive effect on the children who must witness it.

One of the goals of divorce mediation is to work toward the best outcome for the entire family, not just the couple. Since it is so fast and efficient, children won’t be caught in the middle of a contentious, lengthy legal battle. As a result, this process is often much better for children.

Divorce Mediation Is on Your Timeline

You must follow the court system’s schedule for everything when divorce is litigated. Divorce courts are often busy, and your court dates are typically assigned without concern for your own schedule. You’ll likely need to make arrangements for work, childcare, and other responsibilities to make it to your scheduled court appearances, which can be highly inconvenient, if not impossible.

One significant benefit of divorce mediation is that it occurs according to your timeline. You and your spouse or co-parent are allowed to schedule your sessions at a time that is most convenient for you, not the court. Therefore, you can avoid missing work, arranging for childcare, and still live your life.

Are You Interested in Pursuing Divorce Mediation?

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