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One of the newest types of divorce in Maryland is called the Mutual Consent Divorce.

For this type of divorce there is no required separation wait time. A couple can decide mutually to get divorced and it can happen quickly in Maryland.

First, the couple should have a complete settlement agreement, taking care of all the property issues and financial issues that may occur in the marriage. What we are asking the court to do is enter the divorce because there are no outstanding issues for the court to decide.

If there is a full and complete settlement agreement and the couple decides to get divorced, they can petition the court for a Mutual Consent Divorce. Both parties would have to sign that request, both parties would have to be present in court at the time of the hearing, and then sign a Mutual Consent Divorce with a copy of the complete and final settlement separation agreement attached. Then the divorce can happen quickly without a wait time.

Another type of no-fault grounds of divorce is the Twelve Months Separation.

If the case does not qualify for a mutual consent divorce (perhaps one party files for divorce the other party has not consented), the divorce can still happen if the couple has been separated for at least twelve full consecutive months without getting back together even for one day during those twelve months. The petitioning spouse can still file for divorce in Maryland.

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