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What other states refer to as legal separation is known as “limited divorce” under Maryland law. This status sets a legal framework for couples who wish to live apart while remaining legally married. No matter what reason you have to maintain your marital status, the Law Offices of Tina Sharma in Silver Spring can help you resolve issues relating to custody, visitation, spousal support and property division in Maryland or Washington, D.C. We deliver personalized guidance to spouses so that they can start on a positive note.


Various justifications exist for spouses who are seeking a limited divorce. In some cases, there are religious or financial reasons that motivate couples to maintain their legal bond. Other times, spouses might hold out hope for a reconciliation even as they reside in separate homes. Limited divorce gives Maryland residents this flexibility while protecting their parental and financial rights. However, this might not be the right option for someone looking to start a new relationship, because under the law, the couple remains married and a sexual relationship with another person is legally considered adultery. If you wish to go forward with this type of separation, our firm will safeguard your interests with respect to:


Issues involving children — During a separation, mothers and fathers need to make specific arrangements to ensure that each parent remains in frequent, meaningful contact with the child and that financial needs are met. As in absolute divorce proceedings, careful preparation and skillful negotiation are the keys to creating effective child custody and visitation guidelines. we’ll also make sure that appropriate, enforceable child support arrangements are in place.

Financial matters — Even a short time living apart can trigger substantial money problems if separated spouses haven’t contemplated how jointly owned property and other assets will be handled. Though limited divorce enables couples to remain on the same insurance policy and maintain other financial ties, an equitable distribution of assets and debts should be established to make sure you’re protected no matter what happens.

Spousal support — A spouse who has not worked outside the home might not be able to cover basic expenses if their partner opens an individual bank account. If you’re filing for a limited divorce, our firm will negotiate on your behalf, whether you’re requesting alimony payments or are being asked to provide them.

A limited divorce lasting 12 months can serve as the separation period often needed to obtain an absolute divorce in Maryland. In these situations, our firm can use the terms of the limited divorce as the basis for a marital settlement agreement or pursue revisions as the legal marriage is terminated. While the separation is in effect, we’ll also handle any modification requests and enforcement proceedings.

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