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Divorces are commonplace. They happen every day to lots of people you know. However, if divorce becomes a part of your life, by choice or otherwise, it can raise many questions or concerns. If you haven't been down this road before, you might not know what to expect or how to plan for your future. Therefore, it's essential to be aware of your options and the Maryland divorce process. With an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer on your side from the Law Offices of Tina Sharma, you can be assured that you will reach the best outcome possible. Most divorces end in a negotiated settlement agreement, and our attorneys will ensure a fair settlement on your behalf.

Types of Divorces in Maryland

Maryland family laws once offered two types of divorces; absolute and limited. Since October 1, 2023, only Absolute Divorce remains valid.

Absolute Divorce

An absolute divorce legally terminates your marriage. This type of divorce settles all issues, including the division of property. Once your absolute divorce is finalized, you and your ex-spouse are free to remarry legally.


Limited Divorce

A limited divorce would not end your marriage, but would allow you to address child custody or financial issues before you and your spouse were eligible for an absolute divorce. As the October 2023 law reduced restrictions on separation required for absolute divorce, Limited Divorces were eliminated as being obsolete.

What is Included in a Divorce Settlement Agreement?

A divorce is a legal proceeding. As such, there are legal matters that need to be settled between the two parties. If they can't reach a mutually agreeable settlement, the court will enter its orders into a divorce decree. Divorce settlement agreements typically address matters such as:

  • Alimony or spousal maintenance—will one spouse owe the other spouse regular support payments?
  • Property division—how will the couple divide their assets such as their home, rental properties, motor vehicles, heirlooms, jewelry, antiques, IRA, pensions, and stocks?
  • Child support—if the couple has children together, will one of them pay the other child support for the care of their children?
  • Child custody—where will the children spend the majority of their time? Will they visit the other parent, and if so, how often?

Divorce settlement agreements can also include other aspects of the marital split, such as who will have custody of the family dog, if there will be shared time at a vacation property, who gets the timeshare, and who will pay for college for the kids.

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In most situations, it's best if the divorcing couple can work out their own settlement agreement. This provides them with more control over their lives going forward. Our seasoned attorneys can work with your soon-to-be ex-spouse or their attorney to reach a beneficial settlement. If that isn't possible, we can represent you in court, ensuring the judge has all of the pertinent information to make a decision in your favor.

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