Uncontested Mutual Consent Divorce

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Couples who agree on the terms of their divorce can obtain a legal dissolution of their marriage without sitting through the one-year waiting period. The uncontested mutual consent divorce process allows spouses to live together while negotiating their marital settlement agreement and then submit the executed document for court approval. Located in Silver Spring, The Law Offices of Tina Sharma advises clients who are interested in quickly obtaining an absolute divorce so they can move forward with their lives. We are an experienced family law attorney who will honestly evaluate your situation and explain the potential advantages and drawbacks of this process.


Previously only available to childless couples, mutual consent divorce was approved for parents in 2018. This gives many more spouses the opportunity to save time and money by taking advantage of an expedited process. Still, it’s best to obtain counsel from a qualified family law attorney before committing to this option. I will take the time to make sure you understand your rights and how your divorce might turn out if you choose a more traditional path. Should you decide to pursue a marital settlement agreement, our firm will work closely with you to achieve favorable terms relating to:


Child custody and visitation — All parties should be committed to setting custody and visitation terms that promote strong bonds between the children and both parents. However, working out the details can be tricky, and hurt feelings can derail the settlement process. We make every effort to anticipate contingencies that might arise and deal with potentially troublesome issues during the negotiation process so that unexpected conflicts don’t occur later.

Property division — Whether allocating marital assets or debts seems straightforward or requires detailed accounting, we’ll make every effort to reach a resolution where each side believes they’ve been treated fairly. In addition to reviewing the market value of various property items, our firm’s personalized approach also factors in the emotional attachment clients have to certain assets.

Child support — Both parents have a legal and moral obligation to help meet their child’s expenses, and while government formulas exist, there are often other considerations that should be addressed. After learning about your child’s needs, we’ll strive to build consensus regarding standard child support payments and the funding of specific expenses.

Alimony — Usually, divorcing spouses are looking to start a new chapter in their lives and alimony can be a touchy subject, especially for the person who is being asked to make payments after the marriage is dissolved. By applying the factors used by courts to the situation at hand, we help potential paying and recipient spouses make honest evaluations regarding spousal support.

Even though mutual consent divorce eliminates the 12-month separation requirement, one spouse still must have at least one year’s residence in Maryland to file for an absolute divorce.

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