Expediting Delayed Immigration Cases

Dedicated Silver Spring Attorney Helps Expedite Delayed Immigration Cases


If you have experienced an inordinate wait for an immigration application to be processed, you are not alone. Due to a greater than 30 percent increase in applications and to recent policy changes, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is overburdened and its backlog is substantial. At the Law Offices of Tina Sharma, I understand how onerous delays can cause financial loss and emotional strain. With nearly two decades of immigration law experience, I know how the system works and how to make the best case possible for expedited handling. If your immigration application or that of your spouse or employee is stuck in bureaucratic limbo, I am determined to pursue every option to resolve your case in a timely manner.



U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service recognizes several grounds for requesting expedited service on your immigration application. These include:

  • Severe financial hardship for a company or an individual — Expediting may be granted if an applicant who is being sponsored by a U.S. company can show that his or her position is essential and that the company would suffer substantial losses without their services. A similar ground for expediting is where a U.S. citizen seeking a green card for a foreign national spouse can show that the family would suffer financial hardship if the spouse is unable to work.
  • Extreme emergency — This ground for priority treatment requires showing that severe and unnecessary harm might befall an applicant if required to return to their home country because the immigration application is delayed.
  • Humanitarian crisis — It is possible to hurry the process along if for humane reasons, such as a serious medical condition that can only be treated properly in the United States.
  • An error in processing — If someone at USCIS made an error while processing the application that caused an unnecessary delay, the agency will expedite the application rather than penalize the applicant.

As an experienced immigration attorney, I know how to assemble the detailed evidence necessary to meet USCIS requirements for expedited handling and how to present the facts in a light that is likely to gain approval.


When requests to USCIS for expeditious processing are of no avail, there are other avenues of relief available. A U.S. employer or relative of the visa applicant can request their local congressman to make an inquiry, which can cause the application to be flagged for prompt attention. Similarly, the American Immigration Lawyers Association may be persuaded to act as liaison in a case of special interest. There is also a judicial remedy for extreme delays: filing an action in the nature of mandamus in federal district court, which requires a formal response by USCIS and may lead the agency to agree to adjudicate the application within a given time period. I am adept at pursuing all of these options in appropriate cases.

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